Women In Health

4 September 2020, 17:30 – 18:30

Women In Health

The healthcare sector is seeing rapid changes, be it technology, commercial models, etc.; however, how is the sector stacking up on gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity? The lunch panel will explore the signs of progress on advancement in women in leadership, and how companies are accelerating change in this area. Besides, the session will celebrate the achievements of women in the healthcare sector.

Women in Health Leadership Panel:
Cultivating the Next-Gen of Women Leaders in Healthcare

  • Why does gender equality matter on the board?
  • Key challenges facing women leaders in healthcare
  • Management efforts to address some of these challenges, and remaining gaps
  • Reflections on the journey to the top
  • Breaking the glass ceiling: Lessons learnt along the way, and advice to my younger self

Shruti Dwivedi, General Manager, Blockchain Centre Singapore, Singapore

Elizabeth Dantes, President, Manila Doctors Hospital, Philippines
Dr. Chandrika Kambam, Director, Clinical Services Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd., India
Esti Shelly, Director, Digital Health, Ministry of Health Israel, Israel
Dr. Dawn Soo, Regional Director, Health & Wellness Distribution, Asia Pacific, Cigna, Hong Kong
Grace Park, Co-Founder and President, DocDoc, Singapore

*Included in the 3-day conference programme