Healthcare Start-Ups

3 September 2020 | Across Digital Healthcare and Healthcare Facilities tracks


5 start-ups will be selected to conduct elevated pitches to the audience members. In the room, there will be investors, VCs, hospital owners, healthcare Service providers and regulators.

Healint: Migraine Buddy, the world’s largest migraine tracking and research platform
Francois Cadiou
, CEO & Founder, Healint, Singapore

MyCLNQ: Connecting all your healthcare needs
Iqah Jasmine, Senior Marketing Strategist, Ssivix Lab, Singapore

DocDoc: The world’s first patient intelligence company
Grace Park, 
Co-Founder and President, DocDoc, Singapore

SmartPeep: AI Patient-Sitter System
Lim Meng Hui, CEO, SmartPeep, Singapore

MyDoc: One platform coordinating personal healthcare
Sneha Patel, CEO and Co-Founder, MyDoc, Singapore

*Included in the 3-day conference programme

About DocDoc
DocDoc is the world’s first patient intelligence company. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide patients with the information they need to make optimal healthcare decisions. DocDoc’s AI-powered doctor discovery, telemedicine, and cashless services combined on a unified platform enable insurance companies to offer a differentiated product in a crowded market with a seamless experience and allow employers to attract and retain world-class employees. You can find out more information about DocDoc here

About Migraine Buddy
Developed with neurologists, recording and tracking user’s migraine through Migraine Buddy is faster and easier. It allows users to track their potential triggers every day, providing insights into what causes their migraine. For doctors, Migraine Buddy provides insightful and detailed reports. This is helpful in assessing the effectiveness of prescribed medication and relief methods.

About Healint
At Healint, we build intuitive solutions that empower individuals to manage their chronic pain conditions. Using deep analytics and machine learning, Healint generates unprecedented insights utilized by physicians and pharma companies to help patients on their journey. At Healint, we understand the real-world experience of people living with chronic pain and we take treatment development to the next level. You can find more information on who we are on the following websites: and

About MyCLNQ
MyCLNQ acts as a one-stop shop for end patient connecting all healthcare needs Digitally. MyCLNQ allows intelligence view of the least waiting time at neighborhood clinics/specialists.MyCLNQ provides a secure environment at ease of managing your family and loved one’s profile and medical records. MyCLNQ also allows patient to submit request for non-emergency medical transportation to hospitals, Dialysis center.Elderly focused application will also Introduce medical caregivers, medical products and medical tourism by Q2 2020.

About Ssivix Lab
SSIVIX LAB is the leading innovative technology and services company that is pioneered in bringing digital healthcare products and ideas into Mobile Space for betterment of community. Company vision is enabling digital health ecosystem using cutting-edge technology AI, AR and Machine learning. Our team of young and dynamic experts are efficiently using their domain industry experience and technical skills to enable the needed solutions for both web and mobile app development.

You can find more information about MyCLNQ and Ssivix Lab here

About MyDoc
MyDoc is a digital healthcare platform that delivers the right care at the right time.

Combining the latest in healthcare technologies and a GP-led coordinated care clinical triage, MyDoc continuously steers patients onto personal care pathways that lead to better health outcomes at lower costs.

Through MyDoc, employees and their dependents stay connected with a team of licensed allied healthcare professionals. Patients covered by corporate and personal healthcare plans from six of the largest health insurers in the region enjoy a convenient cashless care journey.

Established in 2012, MyDoc’s integrated online-to-offline ecosystem is used by employees of over 200 Fortune 500 companies and insurance policyholders across six markets in Asia.

With MyDoc, every patient receives the right care at the right time. Anytime, anywhere.

For more information, please visit

About SmartPeep

SmartPeep builds AI patient-sitter system to assist nurses in hospitals and nursing homes to monitor seniors more effectively and respond faster for greater patient safety and staff efficiency.

SmartPeep uses AI to transform existing surveillance cameras into care-oriented optical sensors that provide proactive alerts and automated reporting. Our current service could range from fall detection and prevention (through seniors’ action recognition), wandering detection (through senior-presence tracking), bedsore monitoring (through senior’s position tracking on the bed) to nurse visit monitoring (through uniform recognition).

SmartPeep AI Patient-Sitter System has been successfully implemented in several hospitals & nursing homes in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. You can find more information about SmartPeep here